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John Woodruff

Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner [EEM-CLP])

When a college friend of mine interested in energy medicine became sick, I started to look for resources to help her out on top of everything else she was doing to recover. I eyed Donna Eden's book in the bookstore and picked it up immediately, despite never having heard of her before.

When Donna came to do a two day class in Minneapolis, I agreed to go without hesitation and became a practitioner at the first available opportunity.

I love being able to share all the opportunities for self-care that EEM can provide.  The techniques have been quite helpful to help me deal with the stress I've experienced and keep a level head.

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Carol Woodruff

Eden Energy Medicine 
Certified Practitioner 

I came to Eden Energy Medicine because of my late husband.  After watching him suffer so terribly, I knew there just had to be a better way.  I found Donna Eden's first book, Energy Medicine, bought it and tried to do things as best I could.   He was skeptical but did actually ask for help in making his breathing a little easier.  About 1 1/2 years after he died, an email made it to my box announcing that Donna Eden and David Feinstein were going to have a 2 day class in Minneapolis.  I had never gotten on any lists, had no idea who the person was, but there it was, that class announcement.  I went (convincing my son to go with me).  That class changed my life.  About 2 weeks after that class was a very intense 5 days class in San Diego, and that was the deciding factor in becoming a certified practitioner.

Energy medicine has totally changed my life. I had a very difficult time in crowds, but after learning how to 'zip up', I can be in crowds more easily.  I felt invisible, no longer. I used to be angry, a lot, and it did not take much to get me there.  I am not like that anymore, and it took a while for my daughter to trust that, but she does now.  I was terrified of driving and would do anything to avoid doing that, and now I grab my phone, punch in the address and off I go.  I used to have "Teflon brain" - could not remember what I had just read.   Using EFT, I am better able to remember what I read.  I am happier and calmer and far more at peace than ever before.    

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